Welcome to the art archives for the "I Survived the 80s Army" group on Facebook (aka the "Grey Wolves"). Here, you will find various wallpaper images and other goodies.

Donating to the Grey Wolves Art Fund allows me to buy things like advanced 3D models for vehicle art (which can cost upwards of $100 each!), Photoshop addons, monthly hosting/bandwidth, and other things that help in the creation of cool Grey-Wolves wallpapers, patches, etc. Not required, by any means, but certainly appreciated! You can view the list of past donors here! Alternatively, you can give my Cold War book page a like and a share on Facebook!

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Why do you make all of this stuff?

Because I can. I am a military history buff and a digital artist, so this is a logical marriage of two of my passions. I also really enjoy it when I see and hear of folks using my creations on their desktops or phones! It's a terrific feeling.

Can I distribute your images to others on my wallpaper-focused or other such web site?

No, you may not. If you are hell bent on doing this, please contact me to arrange for a distribution license. Internet search engines are exempt from this, provided the distribution is simply in the form of a link to this site.

Can I share wallpapers with my friends or distribute them via an online group such as Facebook?

Yes, provided that there is no charge for people to download or access the images, and any shared images are shared in unaltered form. There must also be a logical "affinity". In other words, sharing a wallpaper image of your military unit with other members of a military group on Facebook or veterans of that unit is perfectly fine. Providing them for download by the general public, en masse, would require a license (see previous question).

I don't see my unit!

Lighten up, Francis. It isn't the end of the world. If you've searched the site for your unit and haven't found it, chances are, I just haven't gotten to it yet. In some cases, there isn't sufficiently suitable source material from which to draw (e.g. low-resolution images are no good). Also, my primary focus is on military units that were active in the 1980s. Units disbanded or retired before then, or activated after then likely won't get done. It is also possible that based upon cursory research, I was unable to determine a unit's active status during the 1980s.

Can you make me a logo, patch, shirt design, design my web site, build me an app, etc.?

Sure. Contact me through my day job at Incursus, Inc. and I'd be happy to explore your needs further.

How can I support your war effort in making all of these for the veteran community?

If you are so inclined to drop a donation into the Grey Wolves Art Fund via PayPal, you can do so by clicking on the "Donate" button at the top of any page on this site. Alternatively, you can give my Cold War book page a like and a share on Facebook!