Welcome to the art archives for the "I Survived the 80s Army" group on Facebook (aka the "Grey Wolves"). Here, you will find various wallpaper images and other goodies. Click here for some frequently asked questions.

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Donating to the Grey Wolves Art Fund allows me to buy things like advanced 3D models for vehicle art (which can cost upwards of $100 each!), Photoshop addons, monthly hosting/bandwidth, and other things that help in the creation of cool Grey-Wolves wallpapers, patches, etc. Not required, by any means, but certainly appreciated! You can view the list of past donors here! Alternatively, you can buy a copy of my Cold War humor book (Joes: The Cold War Diaries Volume 1), and/or you can give my book page a like and a share on Facebook!

For folks that donate $25 or more, I will make a custom shadowbox wallpaper for you, with all of your military units, awards/ribbons/medals, branches, ranks, etc. You can see a sample here and here! Just contact me either through a Facebook private message or via the blog here with all of your details! Note: You must be a member of the "I Survived the 80s Army" group on Facebook for this!

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